Free kilometers
– No extra charge for driven kilometers.

Valid driving license
– Must be at least 1 year old.
– European or International driving license is required.

Delivery & Collection
– We can deliver your vehicle at any location in Herakleion and all over the Crete.

Prices include the below mentioned coverage:

In Case of Death or injury of thirds or vehicle passengers except the driver, up to 1.000.000€ per person.

In Case of third persons’ property damages (except Premium-Autos vehicle) up to 1.000.000€

In Case of Convertible cars, there is no coverage for Car roofs.


Driver’s Age
– 21 years old (minimum) for A-C categories
– 23 years od (minimum) for the rest categories

Payment methods
– You can pay in cash or by credit card.

– Deposit will be deducted from the total amount.
– Accepted cards: Visa, MasterCard

Fuel Policy
– Collect your car with an amount of fuel and return the same

Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.)
– The renter can limit his responsibility for his legal share in any damage of the vehicle to 1000 € by paying the amount of 0.00 € per day for car groups A, B,B1, C,C1,D,D1 to 1400 € by paying the amount of 0.00€ per day for car groups D2, E,E1,F,F1,H,H1,K,M provided that traffic laws where not contravened (i.e. violation of red light or STOP sign, illegal overtaking, driving under the influence of alcohol etc)

24hrs road assistance
– 24/7 RoadService all over Crete

Free cancelation
– Up to 48 hours before picking-up the car.

Other Conditions
– The maximum speed limit in the national road is 70 Km/h and in the city 40 Km/h
– You must not drive under the influence of alcohol and drug.
– You must not drive in non-asphalt road and prohibited areas.

Full Damage Waiver (F.D.W.)
– The renter may waive the above deductible amount reliability of 1.000€ or 1.400€ by paying in addition the daily amount of 10,00€ for car groups A, B,B1,C,C1,D,D1 10.00€ for car groups D2, E,E1,F,F1,H,H1,K,M

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