Yes! All of our vehicles are insured as we provide 24 hour protection in the events of accidents, third party damages, fire and theft.


You should remain calm and ensure that all passengers remain unharmed from the impact. You should then call our company and we will promptly send our “Accident Care” team to pick up the vehicle from the specified location.

In such an event, if you have caused the damages, you will be charged for the amount that has been agreed upon. This is a sum of 650 euro plus applicable taxes. In the event of an accident that you are not responsible for, the cost of the damages are covered by our company. It is mandatory that the “Highway Traffic Code “ of the Greek Republic is followed. In the event that the Highway Traffic code is violated, the driver is held completely responsible.

Simply contact our office and we will inform you of the availability and any extra fees at that time. In the event of damages, we will exchange your vehicle free of charge.

You must be over 21 years of age and hold a valid driver’s license for at least on year. Furthermore, you must have you Personal Identification Card, Passport and a valid credit card in order to be given the vehicle. 

Only those who have signed the contract are permitted to drive the vehicle. The maximum number of drivers cannot exceed two (2). 

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