Minimum age: 21 with 1 year driving experience (mini, economy and intermedium cars), 25 with 3 years driving experience for family and Premium cars. Young driver supplement (21-24): 60 € per rental. Senior driver supplement (65+ years): 60 € per rental. There is no maximum age as long as you have a valid driving license.

An International Driver’s License (IDL) is mandatory if you do not have a European Union driving license. International driver license must be accompanied by the original domestic license of the driver.
The renter and the driver have to be in possession of a valid driving license of at least
3 years of driving experience required for luxury SUV groups.
2 years of driving experience required for full size Van groups.
1 year of driving experience required for all other vehicle groups.
Also, a valid ID card or passport would be required at time of pick up.
Please note: 1. All drivers will need to provide a proof of address in order to collect the car.
2. If you cannot pick up the vehicle due to insufficient documentation or because your credit card is not valid or accepted or does not hold sufficient funds to cover the deposit, this is also treated as a no-show. Please keep in mind that additional fees may apply.
3. It is compulsory to provide the printed rental voucher on collection.

Insurance includes Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) subject to an excess of 950 € You can take and extra insurance (SCDW) in order to minimize the excess of your rental to 200 € with an extra cost 20 € / per day. CARANDGO’s SCDW is mandatory if the main driver is a not a cardholder. Please note that customer negligence is never included in the SCDW. Damages to wheels, tires, glasses, interior of the car and undercarriage is never included in the insurance.
Collision Damage Waiver
C.D.W Excludes:
Damages to tires, tire rims, windows, vehicle interior, outside rear-view mirrors, flat tires & blow-out, damage to clutch & gearbox, damage to roof or undercarriage, loss/damages to car keys, compensation for the days the vehicle cannot be used due to repairs, fees for tow truck, fees for recharging battery, consequential losses, vehicle recovery costs, hotel costs, personal belongings loss, damage due to failure to observe the general terms & conditions of rental document statement.

Only Cash are accepted for the Rental Payment.
A major credit card (Visa or MasterCard) in the name of the main driver is required in order to block the required deposit and collect the car. (Please note that cards without the driver’s name on will not be accepted). The credit card presented must be valid at least until 6 months after the return date.
We do not accept prepaid, recharge or virtual credit cards – or any card on which the relevant characters are not raised (embossed). All credit cards must pass chip and pin verification. Cards without pin number will not be accepted.
Debit cards, Amex, Revolut and Maestro Cards are not accepted.
Please note that for rentals of 15 days or less the deposit will be blocked from the credit card, for bookings of 16 days or more the deposit will be charged to the credit card and refunded if the car is returned in the same condition.

Unlimited kilometers.

Delivery and collection service to Hotels and Ports is available for an additional charge of EUR 25 per service.

Loss of, or damage to, the car keys: 350 €

Fuel is not included in our quoted rates.
You have to return the vehicle with same fuel amount as it was supplied to you at the time of pickup. In case of less fuel, missing fuel will be charged at its cost value plus a refueling charge of 22 € Unused fuel is not refundable. Fuel charges are payable at the rental desk unless otherwise stated. Fuel policies change from time to time, please confirm at rental counter.

The vehicle can be delivered to any port, airport or main city of Crete.
Transportation outside of Crete Island, in-between the islands and the mainland are not allowed.
Off road driving is also forbidden. Penalty for driving on non-asphalt coated roads: 350 €

24/7 Road Assistance all over Crete, upon request.

Up to 48 hours before picking-up the car.

• No-Show
If you fail to pick up the vehicle at the booked time and date or fail to notify us of cancellation before the rental is booked to start, this will be treated as a no-show. Please keep in mind that additional fees may apply.
• Flight Information
For airport pick-ups, it is essential that you give us the correct flight number and arrival time. We are not responsible for any failed rentals or flight delays, the car is available only at the agreed time and date, otherwise reservation is treated as a no-show and cancelled.
• Early and Late Returns
A late return penalty fee may apply if you return the vehicle later than you agreed in your Rental Document. Please check the details when you pick up your rental vehicle.

Animals or pets are allowed inside the cars. You can put them in the car and you are responsible to use a protected specific box like the ones used on airplanes. It is mandatory, out of respect for people with allergies but also to protect the hygiene of our cars. Damage caused by pets or animals inside the car must be paid for. No insurance package includes this. Costs depending on the damage done. Customers are also responsible for the seat hair cleaning fee, which costs 150 €

• All cars are non-smoking. Penalty fee 80 € for soiling due to smoking.
• Pick up the car clean and return it clean. If the vehicle is dirty when returned and requires cleaning, a cleaning fee of 150 € will be applied.

Office opening hours: from Monday to Sunday 09:00am – 21:00pm
Out of hours collections/returns: 40 € (on request only).

*Additional Items are not included in the rates and they are paid in the local currency at the rental desk. All Additional Items can be requested at the time of booking or locally on arrival subject to availability. CarandGo inventory is based on first-come, first-served basis*